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Marking processes

Dot peen marking

A solid carbide pin oscillates by pneumatic and electronic means. It is moved by two carriages in the x and y direction and strikes the material by an up and down movement. Depending on the impact frequency the marking either becomes a continuous or a single dotted line – perfect for characters, logos or two-dimensional codes, e.g. Data Matrix Code.

The force produced by the single dot marks is negligible. Due to this it is possible mark pressure sensitive, thin-walled, coated, hollow and arched work pieces. The system is suitable for almost all materials – also hardened steel!


Scribe marking

Compared to dot peen marking the scribe marking pin does not strike into the material with an up and down movement. It is pressed into the material. In this position the carbide or diamond scribe marking pin is moved by two carriages in x and y direction. The MARKATOR®scribe marking system offers optimal adaptability and high quality at a maximum marking speed.

The system is suitable for almost all materials – from hardened steel to pressuresensitive finished products!



Data Matrix Codes

For all applications relating to fast production lines, difficult interfaces, a small marking area or safe codes, a 2D-Code is the perfect solution.

The Data Matrix Code is one of the most important representatives in the range of two-dimensional codes. It is already the standard coding of the future. This modern and machine readable marking, provides a high information density and an omnidirectional readability. The reconstruction of the data content by the Reed-Solomon error correction is even possible in cases where the code is destroyed by up to 25%.

Benefits of the Data Matrix Code:

  • High information density on small areas
  • Memory capacity from 1 to 2300 characters
  • High data security through to a code terminology, which means that the code can be read also when approx. 25 % of the code is destroyed.
  • Readable with low contrast
  • Reduction and increasing of the data content without changing the physical size of the code
  • Readable with every angle of vision
  • Registration of fast moving objects
  • Several marking processes are possible to mark the Data Matrix code, also printing is possible

Conventional marking

The conventional marking systems of MARKATOR® are particularly suitable for unchanged texts, continuous numbering, short cycle times and small quantities. According to the particular specifications, the work pieces can be marked extremely deep and durable.

MARKATOR® for the conventional marking of work pieces – from hand marking punches with your own company logo or simple standard machines through to individual, fully automatic special-purpose machines.

We offer following products for conventional marking:

  • Impact marking machines
  • Pressure marking machines
  • Roll marking machines
  • Hot stamp marking machines
  • Stamp tools

Our marking systems are exclusively made out of top-class materials and withstand extreme use. The stamp tools consist of special toughened stamping steel and are suitable for impact marking machines, press marking machines and roll marking machines.Highest life-times at stamping or embossing materials up to a strength of approx. 120 daN are guaranteed.