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Conventional marking

Impact marking

Wherever high performance within a small area is required, the use of the compact impact spring-spindles is suitable. Only a one feed mechanism is necessary to move the spring-spindle with the appropriate power against the work piece. No backstroke will be created. A constant percussion power can be guaranteed.

Centre Punches

This impact hand marker is not much bigger than a pen. With a diameter of 17 mm, this light-weight and handy centre punch is the perfect tool to mark work pieces without a hammer and through to this also safe, fast and simple. The percussion power is stepless adjustable up to 500N.

These hand markers which can be released with the ball of the thumb are primary used for centre-marking, scribing, stamping and numbering. The insets of the centre punches can be exchanged very fast and simple which means enormous time-saving and high flexibility.


Available types of machines:


Manual and pneumatic table machines

Manual table machines 

Through a hand lever the impact spring-spindle is moved to the work piece. At the time the tool touches the work piece it is fixed. The spring-spindle has then be tensioned continuously via the hand lever until the non bouncing impact punch is released. During the return stroke the spring-spindle is tensioning automatically and is ready for the next impact.


Available types of machines:




Pneumatic table machines 

The same principle of operation than with the manual table machine but on this a double acting pneumatic cylinder is moving the spring-spindle to the work piece and back. During the movement the hand level is blocked. A two-handed safety controlled version for effective accident prevention is available.


Available types of machines:


Pneumatic integration units

In these compact marking devices, the impact spring-spindle is space-saving integrated in the piston rod of the pneumatic cylinder. It moves against the work piece until the impact is released. For the final position check, all units are optionally available with non-contact and inductive sensors.


Available types of machines:





Stamp tools

Our stamping tools are exclusively made of high-quality special stamping steel which is thoughly hardened. They can be used with a hand punch shaft, as a hand-held tool and also as a machine tool, using the suitable clamping spigots.

Steel types

The high-quality MARKATOR®-steel types are suitable for the simple marking of work pieces. Any characters and/or number combinations can be inserted in respective tools as for example in type holders. Even markings with one blow of the hammer are more perfect than using single hand marking punches. The main advantage of the exchangeable MARKATOR®-steel types is the possibility to combine any characters or numbers for a single- or multiline stamping. For this MARKATOR® offers a range of standard and special type holders.

Type holder

This device for holding the exchangeable MARKATOR®-steel types in a single-, two-line or in a three-line arrangement are a economically priced. A flexible solution for a perfect marking with just one hit – either manual or automatically. Made out of high-quality materials the type holders have a long life-time.

Available types of machines:
- Straight standard type holder MV 24
- Heated standard type holder MV 28

Numbering heads

MARKATOR®-numbering heads are mechanic precision tools of highest quality. They reach a maximum, dynamic (impact-) pressure force of up to 50 kN or a static (hydraulic/pneumatic) pressure force of up to max. 80 kN. Equipped with a brass cage and with nickel plated wheels for optimized heat conduction, the tools in the heatable version are also suitable for the hot stamping.

Available types of machines:
- Hand-punch numbering head MV 7
- Hand adjustable numbering head MV 4
- Touch adjustable numbering head MV 14
- Automatic numbering head MV 2

Integration unit with oscillating dot peen stylus - MV 80

This compact dot peen marker can be used for the marking of simple centre punches and belongs to the group of pneumatic installation units. Through to the pneumatic stylus this device marks efficient, fast and gentle. The MV 80 is applicable in automatic testing or production lines. It is possible to mark materials out of glass or aluminum but also hardened steel up to 62 HRC.

Through to several versions of marking pins a flexible use is possible. The unit is activated by an integrated valve. The unit can be mount independently.

This dot peen marker is characterized by a very good price-performance-ratio, low operating costs and low wear.

Marking tools for CNC machining centers

These tools can be integrated in every CNC-machining center with or without automatic tool change and also in suitable robots. 

Several materials can be marked, from aluminum to steel, bronze, copper, brass, titanium, plastics, and so on.

BZ Marker NG

The BZ-Markers are work tools for the durable marking of work pieces. 

The marking tools itself can be seated into a weldon tool holder (for cylindrical shafts with the lateral surface side). The BZ-Marker in size S is suitable for 12 mm weldon mountings and the BZ-Marker in the sizes M, L and XL are suitable for 20 mm weldon mountings. Alternatively it is also possible to use the BZ-Markers with an suitable collet. For the operation of the BZ-Markers no cooling lubricant and no compressed air is needed. The marking is produced by a combination of compression and displacement of the material. The special marking pin produces the marking by rolling in.


The marking tools:
The BZ-Markers are equipped with a marking pin which is clamped into the tool using a spring. The marking pins of the BZ-Markers are manufactured and refined using special steel.

Several types of marking pins with a rounded cone are available. In principle: The smaller the ball radius, the higher the pressure onto the surface (at same scale settings). Means the harder the surface to be marked, the smaller the radius of the ball should be. The line width is smaller when using a smaller ball radius.

Through to high quality bearings and a special construction it is possible to mark rough and smooth surfaces with uneven parts between 3 mm and 7 mm equally and with a high-quality marking result. A height adjustment of the spindle is not necessary. Even when marking surfaces of steel with a hardness of 45 HRC (1.420 N/mm², 440HV, 418 HB30), the special marking pin has a product life which is much longer than the product life of a milling marker.