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Hand-held marking systems

Electro-magnetically driven hand-held marking systems

Our electro-magnetically hand-held marking systems are 100% mobile and with this portable. Thanks to the use of powerful Lithium-Ion-Batteries, no cables.

FlyMarker® mini

Compact, battery operated and with this 100% portable dot peen marking system with an unbeatable value for money.

Marking area:
65 x 30 mm
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FlyMarker® PRO MOBIL

Battery operated and with this completely mobile dot peen marking system with a wide range of accessories and a high marking force for deep marking results.

Marking areas:
75 x 25 mm
75 x 45 mm
120 x 25 mm
120 x 45 mm

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Electro-pneumatically driven hand-held marking systems

Our electro-pneumatically and with this wired hand-held marking systems are particularly suitable when extremely deep markings are required.

MV5 M50/M80/M120

Dot peen marking head to mark big work pieces in any position. 

Marking areas:
50 x 25 mm (MV5 M50/25)
50 x 45 mm (MV5 M50/45)
80 x 25 mm (MV5 M80/25)
80 x 45 mm (MV5 M80/45)
120 x 25 mm (MV5 M120/25)
120 x 45 mm (MV5 M120/45)

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MV5 M0/M1/M2

Dot peen marking head to mark big work pieces in any position directly on-site. Pneumatic operation enables to achieve very deep markings.

Marking areas:
100 x 100 mm (MV5 M0)
200 x 100 mm (MV5 M1)
30 x 65 mm (MV5 M2)
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FlyMarker® mini

The already fourth generation of the mobile dot peen marker can be described as a new milestone in the history of the battery operated hand-held marking units.
The new FlyMarker® mini builds on the strengths of the proven previous models and convinces with its light weight and its compact design as well as also due its unique introduction price.
  • Weights only 2.4 kg
  • Marking area of 65 x 30 can be used completely
  • Break-resistant housing out of glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Software is self-explanatory and intuitively to operate
  • High-resolution LC-display
  • Self-sufficient work due to a powerful Lithium-Ion-Batteries (2 are in standard scope of supply)
  • Numeric keys are integrated directly in the keyboard     
  • Dirt-resistant and easy to operate keypad
  • Second handle allows an ergonomic two-hand operation and can be dismounted easily if there is less space
  • Practical carrying case for the complete standard scope of supply
  • Marking force can be adjusted individually to the material to be marked and to the needed marking depth
  • Characters, numbers, test symbols, logos and Data Matrix Codes can be marked
  • Several hundreds of marking files, fonts and logos can be stored in the internal memory
  • Integrated USB-interfaces enable a fast data transfer and can also be used for the operation of optional accessoires

FlyMarker® PRO MOBIL

  • Compact and 100% portable hand-held marking system without cables
  • Marking area (x/y) 75 x 25 mm, 75 x 45 mm, 
    120 x 25 mm or 120 x 45 mm 
  • Alternatively all versions of the FlyMarker PRO are available in the touch version.
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery 
  • High resolution LC-colour display and control unit in break-proof housing
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Interfaces: USB-A, USB-B und Ethernet
  • High quality, double guided linear guides for precise marking results
  • Latest software technology
  • Marking preview to check the marking file before the marking process 
  • Axial-, radial- and circle marking and marking of Data Matrix Codes
  • Internal memory for several hundred marking files, fonts and logos
  • Different marking forces can be chosen
  • Extremely deep markings possible due to optional available magnet
  • Easy operation due to low weight
  • Illuminated marking area
  • Practicable carrying case

MV5 M50/M80/M120

  • Ideal partner for self independent markings of heavy, bulky and stationary work pieces on site
  • Very space-saving and handy by compact construction and ergonomic design
  • High speed marking due to latest control technologies
  • Low moving masses due to compact design
  • Solid mechanics with high quality, double guided linear guides in x- and y-direction
  • Perfect power transmission into the material to be marked
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Extremely precise and warp-free marking result
  • 2D-marking (option)
  • Can be used in any position
  • Good price performance ratio
  • Available marking areas:
    Marking area (x/y) 50 x 25 mm (MV5 M50/25)
    Marking area (x/y) 50 x 45 mm (MV5 M50/45)
    Marking area (x/y) 80 x 25 mm (MV5 M80/25)
    Marking area (x/y) 80 x 45 mm (MV5 M80/45)
    Marking area (x/y) 120 x 25 mm (MV5 M120/25)
    Marking area (x/y) 120 x 45 mm (MV5 M120/45)

MV5 M0/M1/M2

  • Mobile, hand operated marking system
  • Works in all positions
  • Prism Stop for applications involving round parts
  • Individual supporting feet for applications involving flat parts
  • Shock-resistant body
  • Maintenance free mechanics and tools
  • Ideal for applications in swirl environments
  • Optimum marking depth
  • Available marking areas:
    Marking area (x/y) 100 x 100 mm (MV5 M0)
    Marking area (x/y) 200 x 100 mm (MV5 M1)
    Marking area (x/y) 30 x 65 mm (MV5 M2)